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Terms of Use

About InMyBus

The services provided by InMijnBus

On Inmijnbus.nl, you can easily indicate whether you want to receive Spotta's weekly brochure package. InMijnBus also offers the possibility to temporarily interrupt delivery, for example during vacation. If you wish, you can also put together a brochure package yourself. Through Spotta's InMijnBus, everything is arranged at once.

Spotta's weekly brochure package includes leaflets from supermarkets, drugstores and hardware stores, among others.

About InMyBus

Via Inmijnbus.nl, you can sign up for Spotta's weekly brochure package, personalize your brochure package yourself or temporarily switch it on and off.

Spotta's InMyBus is simple and applies to households. Only your zip code and house number are sufficient Via InMijnBus, you can:

  • validate or indicate that you want to continue receiving Spotta's weekly brochure package at your address and do not want to change it;
  • temporarily switch the brochure package on or off;
  • personalize the brochure package;

If you choose to personalize your folder package, we refer you to our Folderkiezer service; in that case, the terms [and privacy statement] of Folderkiezer apply.

This is how it works

Step 1: Go to InMijnBus and enter your zip code and house number

Step 2: Make your choice YES, NO or put together your own brochure package

Step 3: If you wish, temporarily set the folder package to YES or NO

To prevent abuse, we have built in various invisible protections. For example, only YES or NO can be indicated from the same internet address for one home address unless we are allowed to send a verification code to a 06 number. The same 06 number can then change a preference for that household only for a certain period of time. But even if a home address is changed too often or too soon after a previous change, we ask for verification via a 06 number. We only add these extra thresholds in potentially suspicious situations.


As soon as InMijnBus applies to your municipality and/or zip code area, the Spotta brochure package will be delivered weekly based on the InMijnBus validated or indicated preference for your address. Prior to the operation of InMijnBus at your address, you will first be informed several times about the deployment of InMijnBus in the postal code area where you live. This means that there is plenty of time to express your preference via InMijnBus. If you already receive the brochure package every week and you do not want to change it, in short, you actively do nothing after Spotta's information about introducing InMijnBus in your zip code area, Spotta can continue to deliver the leaflet package to your address as previously known. With that or with the validation or registration of your preference in InMijnBus, you indicate that you want to (continue to) receive Spotta's brochure package at your address. These terms of use apply to that agreement.

You are not committed to anything

No weekly Spotta leaflet package (anymore) at your address? Cancelling and terminating the agreement with Spotta can be done at any time and is easy to arrange yourself via InMijnBus.

Does this not work? You can also send a message to support@inmijnbus.nl

Is your brochure package not delivered?

Did you not receive your Spotta brochure package? Or do you have a question for us? We'd love to help you. Contact us using our contact details:

Your privacy protected

Spotta doesn't know you or who you are. We do this for privacy reasons. We only register an address and whether or not the household wants to receive Spotta's brochure package (temporarily). This does not process data about individuals.

About Spotta

Spotta is a trade name of Netwerk VSP B.V. We are located in Utrecht (Rutherfordweg 102) and are registered in the trade register with the Chamber of Commerce under number 30051041 and our VAT number is 005837790B01.

Why in My Bus

With InMijnBus, Spotta introduces a user-friendly way to receive or not receive Spotta's brochure package with one click. Temporarily not received, for example during holidays, is possible via InMijnBus. It is possible to receive it temporarily, for example before holidays, via InMijnBus.

In doing so, Spotta offers an effective and user-friendly way for households to make environmentally conscious choices. By making it easier for households to (temporarily) wish to receive or not receive Spotta's brochure package, the amount of unread print is decreasing. And by knowing each week for how many households advertising brochures should be printed, the print run can be determined much more precisely. This helps to prevent unread leaflets and waste of raw materials and energy.

Many households read flyers to save money and a significant proportion of households rely on advertising flyers to make ends meet financially. Households are “in control” themselves with InMijnBus and choose whether or not to receive Spotta's brochure package (temporarily). InMijnBus ensures that households that need advertising brochures every week continue to receive them.


Residents of an address remain unknown to InMijnBus. We do this for privacy reasons. We only register your address and whether your household wants to receive the brochure package from Spotta. This is necessary in order to fulfil your wish to receive the brochure package from Spotta. For more information, see our privacy statement or check out the frequently asked questions on InMijnBus.


These terms of use may change from time to time. The most recent version of these terms of use applies. Any changes to these terms of use will be announced by Spotta via InMyBus.

Do you want to terminate the agreement with Spotta as a result of a change? Cancelling remains possible at any time.

September 1, 2023