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InMijnBus helps your municipality

On InMijnBus, households choose to receive the brochure package that has been specially designed for their neighborhood, a personally compiled folder package, or not to receive leaflets. Thanks to the convenience and additional user features of InMijnBus, the distribution of advertising brochures has become more sustainable and effective.

With InMijnBus, Spotta wants to reduce the number of unread advertising brochures in waste paper to zero. Research shows that 15% of Dutch households want to use a mailbox sticker, but often experience this as too much hassle or find the sticker ugly on the mailbox (GfK, 2021). InMijnBus addresses these concerns. Households on Inmijnbus.nl can also temporarily interrupt or, on the contrary, turn on delivery, for example during holidays or holidays.

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Since the introduction of InMijnBus (October, 2023), the new JA delivery model, the following reductions have been achieved (as of June 2024) compared to the old delivery model:

fewer leaflet packages per week
7,397 tons (-9.4%)
less waste paper
CO2 eq.

Easier for citizens

Advertising brochures exist because consumers want to receive information via leaflets. For example, research shows that:

  • 70% of households who want to receive advertising flyers read to be aware of offers. (GfK, 2021)
  • 53% of households read leaflets to save money. (GfK, 2021)
  • 22% of households need advertising flyers to make ends meet financially. (GfK, 2021)
  • 93% of the current folder package recipients want to continue receiving the package. (DirectResearch, 2023)
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InMijnBus makes it easier for households to change their preference whether or not to receive the brochure package: within 1 minute, a preference is adjusted to InMijnBus, even temporarily if a household wants to interrupt reception due to vacation, for example. At the same time, InMijnBus takes into account the increasing awareness of consumers about sustainability. Part of this is the possibility to put together a personal brochure package on InMijnBus. Then a household will only receive the leaflets that they want to receive.

How does it work for consumers?

Step 1

Go to InmijnBus.nl and enter your zip code and house number

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Step 2

Make your choice YES, NO or create your own brochure package

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Step 3

If you wish, temporarily set the brochure package to YES or NO

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Privacy aspects in My Bus

The Unaddressed Advertising Print Distribution Code (“Code VOR”) is one of the 22 special advertising codes within the structure of the Advertising Code Commission. The VOR Code provides for making NO |NO and NO | YES mailbox stickers available nationally for blocking advertising flyers and/or door-to-door newspapers, enforcement, complaint handling and sanctions policy. For more information, see: https://www.reclamecode.nl/nrc/code-verspreiding-ongeadresseerd-reclamedrukwerk-code-vor/


InMijnBus is separate from the Code VOR. The mailbox stickers are for separate advertising brochures and door-to-door newspapers (that sector has indicated that it does not want to participate in InMijnBus for the time being). Other distributors will also continue to deliver mailbox stickers according to current systems.

Complaints handling

Spotta's existing complaint procedure has also been unlocked via InMijnBus. The complaints procedure under the VOR Code's mailbox stickers no longer applies to InMijnBus, because InMijnBus is currently not part of that advertising code. Should your municipality receive complaints or questions about Spotta's delivery, Spotta will be happy to support you. In this case, please contact support@InMijnBus.nl or call 088-8424398.

Privacy aspects in My Bus

If a consumer chooses YES on InMijnBus, that choice is made on the basis of the AVG basis “execution of the agreement”. The basis for a NO choice is “legitimate interest”. Residents of an address remain unknown when changing their choice on InMijnBus. Only the choice of an address is registered.

A mobile phone number may be requested to authenticate for security purposes; that number will not be stored. With the setup of InMijnBus, the processing of personal data, as referred to in the AVG, is minimized and limited as much as possible. Residents are simply not familiar with InMijnBus and will not be. Only the address is processed and no other data that can be traced back to a natural person.

Op InMijnBus kan een consument ook een keuze maken voor ‘het folderpakket zelf samenstellen’. Dan wordt de consument doorverwezen naar folderkiezer.nl, waar een keuze gemaakt kan worden welke folders een consument wil ontvangen. Een onderdeel van dat proces is een account aanmaken met naam, adres en e-mailgegevens.

Future developments

The Netherlands is the first country in the world where households can digitally indicate their choice whether or not to receive advertising brochures. Spotta is open to expanding InMijnBus with other parties into the online place where a household can manage all mailbox access. The neutral appearance of InMijnBus is in line with this.

About Spotta

InMijnBus is an initiative by Spotta, delivery company of approximately 50% of the advertising brochures in the Netherlands. For more information about Spotta, go to


What is the best thing people who receive leaflets unintentionally do at the moment?

Send an email to support@inmijnbus.nl or call 088-8424398. We will try to help you the best we can and will check the rest of the neighborhood as well.

A consumer would like to have their preferred data removed.

Spotta will comply to all requests to remove preference data. Please contact our customer service, via email: support@inmijnbus.nl or by phone: 088-8424398.

Why is it necessary to create an account and fill in personal data to compile a personal folder package? Spotta himself says that distributing a leaflet package only requires the street and house number.

You need to create an account to assemble your own personal leaflet package, because only then you will be able to make changes to your own personal leaflet package. For example, in case of a new offer. Registering a YES preference at your address is sufficient for the leaflet package compiled for your neighbourhood.

What about InMijnBus and the AVG?

On InMijnBus, households select the leaflet package they want to receive. We register this choice for their address. With a YES, households accept Spotta's offer and an agreement is in place. To execute the agreement, it is necessary to register and process the indicated choice at an address. Spotta therefore has a lawful basis to register households' address and choice in InMijnBus as required by the GDPR.

As a municipality, can I be kept informed about the development of preferences in my municipality?

Yes, Spotta will provide this aggregated data at the residence level upon request.

As a municipality, can I help households change their choice?

That's possible. Everyone is free to encourage households to indicate on InMijnBus their choice whether or not to receive a leaflet package from Spotta.

As a municipality, can we change the choice of households?

No, that's not possible. Only households can change their own choices.

As a municipality, can we decide to maintain the current system?

The current system (Code VOR) remains in place. InMijnBus is additional because Spotta and its advertisers want to improve our effectiveness and sustainability.

As a municipality, can we still switch to opt-in?

Yes, you can. But for our delivery, we no longer look at the mailbox stickers but at the individual choices of households on InMijnBus. With an addressed delivery model, each household then receives the leaflet package of their choice in the mailbox every week.

Is it true that publishers of door-to-door newspapers do not participate in InMijnBus?

The publishers united in the NNP have indicated that they are not in favor of this initiative for now. We respect their views.